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COSMICSOLUTIONS operates more so as a community service in providing advise on alternative methods to achieving Healthy Lifestyle Habits, and IT Empowerment, IT Network Security & Design.

IT Network Administration and Architecture is our profession and we advise on alternative techniques to achieving today's technology with your current infrastructure. We are firm believers of 'do not upgrade unless your needs absolutely require extra services'. Too many businesses are led to believe that they require the latest technology in order to perform standard tasks.
We offer informed alternatives for Internet Security for those home users that cannot afford exorbitant priced software.

We have also endeavoured to include information regarding healthy living and healthy lifestyle choices by promoting the benefits of adopting healthy lifestyle habits. The combination of a healthy balanced diet and regular physical exercise has proven to be an effective alternative to modern medicine. We have all been led to believe that the way to better health and longevity is dependent on doctors and medical technology, but it is literally individual responsibility and personal discipline that is required to gain or maintain good health. Simply introducing herbs and spices to your diet is one smart lifestyle choice you can make to avoid medications, naturally fight disease, and encourage good healthy living and longevity.

COSMICSOLUTIONS is only interested in promoting alternative methods to achieving:

Healthy Living and Good Lifestyle Choices

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Living a happy healthy lifestyle is something many of us are actively seeking. We all know that a healthy balanced diet and regular physical activity are certainly major aspects in promoting and maintaining good health throughout life, but what other lifestyle changes can we make to encourage better health and longevity. In this section of our website we have endeavoured to present various practical lifestyle choices to get you on your way to achieving those good healthy lifestyle habits.

Without question, first on the agenda would most certainly be consuming the correct amount of all required nutrients without excess or deficiency to gain or maintain good health. The various reasons for placing sufficient nutrient intake as priority include, increasing stamina and reducing fatigue, weight loss and weight management, insuring correct functioning of vital internal organs, mental stimulation and attitude, and general healthy wellbeing. All balanced nutritional plans really need to be specifically designed to suit the individuals requirements, differences, and goals, there is no one balanced nutritional plan that will suit everyone.

It is imperative that changes to your diet are long term changes, because individuals with constantly high weight fluctuations do have a substantial health risk. The diet plan you may be considering must first support good health. Keep in mind that even if you may be slightly overweight but physically fit, it is possible that you will have a much lower risk of acquiring cardiovascular disease than if you are lean and unfit. Do not take for granted that a thin individual denotes a healthy lifestyle or good lifestyle choices.

One quite often overlooked high nutrient packed food group is herbs and spices. Consuming more herbs and spices could soon be recommended as important as eating the five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Regularly ingesting herbs and spices provide a multitude of health benefits. The same antioxidants that convinced doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide that fruit and vegetables assist in the prevention of heart disease and various types of cancer are now known to be abundantly present in herbs and spices, and to the surprise of herbal researchers, in much higher quantities than were previously thought.

Herbs and Spices are the highest quality nourishing food source known to man. The inclusion of herbs and spices to a healthy balanced diet has also proven to be an effective alternative to modern medicine. This valuable addition to your diet is believed to encompass all of the potent elements required by the human body to defend itself from infection. It is well documented throughout the ages that herbs and spices are the most efficient means for the treatment of many inflictions. Most infections within the human body are associated with an inflammatory reaction, the potent compounds found in herbs and spices are an effective measure to counteract. Individuals practicing healthy living in civilizations that prepare their food with herbs and spices are found to be much healthier.

Cooking with Herbs & Spices is one of the smartest lifestyle choices you can make to naturally fight disease, avoid medications, and to promote good health and longevity.

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IT Empowerment and Internet Support

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COSMICSOLUTIONS is a customer oriented IT support business, founded on the ethics of providing professional knowledge and comprehensive solutions for our client's complete IT requirements.

Whether it be a small business office consisting of five computers that just requires networking and internet access, or a medium sized business network that has developed random issues and requires attention, we can have you up and running in a timely fashion.

We offer a full range of IT Networking, Implementation and Maintenance Services, including secure and proficient network design, systems integration, project management, and installation of technologies. We can take care of it all, allowing you to focus more on your business.

With the rapid increase of Information Technology, finding experienced IT professionals to maintain your company's information is becoming more difficult. System Administrators and IT professionals are constantly working with the latest trends in technology, therefore companies are constantly required to update and train their IT personnel. Contact Us for your IT Networking Requirements!

Wireless networks use various encryption methods to secure the data being sent over the network. The most recent WPA2 (WiFi Protected Access 2) wireless encryption standard is currently the best available to users of a wireless network, and most certainly should be enabled on every wireless networking device.

Both business network and home users alike should be aware of the security risks and countermeasures associated with Internet connectivity to safeguard all network connected devices. When a computer or device connects to a network and begins communication with other devices, it is essentially taking an enormous risk. Internet security includes browser security, the securing of data entered via a web form, the protection of a computer or device's internet account, personal information and data files from intrusion of an unknown user.

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