Body Age as opposed to Birth Age!

We all have the ability to alter our appearance and activities to equal that of a younger or older birth age. For the purpose of achieving good health and longevity it is advisable to concern ourselves with obtaining nutritional food sources, regular physical exercise, healthy physical and mental stimulation, and reducing harmful activities. In the interest of promoting good health and longevity, it is essential for us all to concentrate on achieving a younger healthier body age, rather than concerning ourselves with actual birth age.

Absolute Essentials

The absolute necessity for gaining control over your health and fitness goals is adequate nutrition and regular physical activity!
adequate nutrition

Healthy Nutritional Diet

The current recommended dietary requirements cover more than forty nutrients that are categorised by six groups: carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, and water.

Consuming sufficient quantities of these nutrients is imperative to gaining better health and altering the body age. A sensible solution to establish whether you are gaining adequate nutrition from your current eating plan is to honestly ask yourself how you look and feel.

Adopting a healthy nutritional diet plan will provide the required food groups and supply enough calories to support your current lifestyle activities. Genuine nutritional diet plans will never exclude any of the required food groups.

Being of the approximate weight according to the height/weight charts will confirm that you are consuming an adequate amount of calories for your lifestyle activities, but the more important measurement should be that these calories are the product of nutrient dense food sources.

Individuals usually shop on the same day every week and purchase the same groceries. We are so used to this repetition that we rarely consider what we are using to fuel our bodies. Consuming a nutritional diet entails actually waking up and paying close attention to what is on the plate.

regular exercise

Regular Physical Activity

Regular physical exercise activity provides various long term health benefits such as promoting bone density, and reducing the risk of developing incurable diseases.

Exercises are usually categorised by three groups determined by how they influence the body: aerobic exercise such as walking and jogging focus on enhancing cardiovascular endurance, flexibility exercise such as stretching and yoga enhances the range of motion in relation to the muscles and joints, and anaerobic exercise such as strength training, and weight training enhance short term muscle strength.

Regular physical exercise activity is considered to be of great importance for retaining physical fitness including maintaining a healthy body weight, building and maintaining muscles and joints, promoting bone density, strengthening the immune system, and encouraging psychological well being. Most importantly, regular activity improves your quality of life and plays a major role in reducing the body age.

Studies conclude that regular physical activities reduce the risk of dying early from the leading causes of death such as heart disease and cancer. Individuals can place themselves at a much lower risk of dying prematurely by participating in a minimum of 3.5 hours a week or 30 minutes a day of moderate intensity aerobic activities.

Immediate Concerns

Overcome the obstacles to achieve your health and fitness goals!
Farmland Degradation

farmland degradation

It is estimated that farmers and graziers will be required to produce 70 percent more food by 2050 to meet the demand of the anticipated population of 9 billion. This roughly calculates to an extra 1 billion tonnes of wheat, rice, other grains, and 200 million tonnes of livestock.

Already most available farmland is being used in such ways that decrease its productivity through practices that lead to soil nutrient deficiency, soil pollution due to the application of herbicides and pesticides, top soil erosion, and the wasting of the indispensable resource water.

Fastfood Addiction

fast food addiction

Although you should not feel guilty for the occasional indulgence, fast food addiction is becoming an immeasurable health concern and regularly consuming fast foods will eventually cause serious damage to your health. Low cost and convenient is hard to resist when in a rush.

This high calorie low nutritional food source is specifically designed to be addictive by large food companies who have discovered that by using various combinations of sugar, salt, and fat, known as trigger substances, within their products results in craving and addiction.

Genetic Modification

genetically modified food

Many individuals from the scientific community believe genetically modified crops could be the solution to our food supply affordability and availability for the future. The public concerns consider that GM foods may pose a threat to health by introducing new allergic reactions.

It took decades to discover the unhealthy side effects of trans-fatty acids, as GM organisms contaminate existing seed stocks and modify traits to non-target species, thereby creating a new strain of plant, there will be no turning back to our original natural food sources.

Available Solutions

The sooner you start the longer you will benefit!

Body Cleansing

body cleansing

Committing to this whole body detox plan will certainly cleanse the body of numerous cumulative toxins.

Appreciate various health benefits whilst introducing your body to new healthy eating habits.

Healthy Eating

nutritional diet

Eating healthy can be difficult at first and breaking unhealthy eating habits will be the most demanding.

Keep in mind this craving for unhealthy junk food will subside after a few weeks of clean eating.

Physical Activity

physical activity

Studies conclude that sitting for lengthy periods of time each day will result in hazardous consequences.

Regular exercise is where the hype truly meets reality in relation to winding back the body age.