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Adopting healthy lifestyle habits is a conscience decision to break away from, and leave behind any routine behavior that you deem to be detrimental to your health. As we are all very unique in regards to our tolerances, the healthy lifestyle habits we choose will extensively vary!

When it comes to achieving or maintaining good healthy habits, each individual must develop their own personal goals and procedures. Setting goals and choosing procedures that best suit your own lifestyle will significantly increase your chances of success. We believe that living well and enjoying a healthy lifestyle is based on three key elements - Understanding your own body and its tolerances, eating well and proportionately, and regular physical exercise! There is no single magic exercise routine or healthy diet plan that is suitable for everyone!

Our goal here at cosmicsolutions is to hopefully introduce some healthier choices to assist you in developing and enhancing your healthy attitude, in a way that best suits your lifestyle. For too long we have been led to believe that the way to gaining good health and longevity is more about medical technology and doctors, but realistically, it is actually about each individual's own responsibility and personal discipline!

COSMICSOLUTIONS is only interested in promoting alternative methods to achieving Healthy Lifestyle Habits!

Herbs and Spices are one of the highest quality food sources known to man, and as a food source category, they incorporate all the potential ingredients required for the human body to protect itself from severe disease. Addressing an unhealthy diet would be an ideal starting point for your quest to achieve healthy lifestyle habits. Herbs and spices are believed to be the most effectual means bestowed by Mother Nature to cure even the severest of diseases on this earth. Most diseases are related to some sort of inflammatory response within the human body. Individuals in cultures that cook with herbs and spices are found to be much healthier and more active throughout their entire life. Using herbs and spices for flavouring can also be substituted to assist individuals curb their salt intake. Ayurveda intensely uses the herbs and spices of nature for every medication.

Cooking with Herbs & Spices is one of the smartest lifestyle changes you can make to naturally fight disease, avoid medications, and to actively encourage good health and longevity.

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Alternative Health Treatments

Alternative Health Treatments address your health concerns through the use of a healthy balanced diet, nutritional supplements, physical exercise, stress reduction, alternative therapies and more.

Alternative Treatments for a Healthier Lifestyle


Natural treatment is also called the alternative medicine. Natural health treatments in simple terms are such things as herbalism, naturopathy and natural cures. According to ancient medicine, health means having a body that is clear of toxins, at a peaceful mental state, and calm contented emotions. In this condition, all of the body systems function properly, poisons are easily eliminated and a sense of balance and well-being, physically, mentally and emotionally are achieved.

Alternative medicine is about taking organic matter to treat an organic life form, and leave the body free of secondary side effects that is likely to occur if one was treated with chemicals. Our body knows what is real and responds accordingly. If we treat a condition with chemicals, our body will use valuable resources to first detox the chemicals and with what energy is left, then treat the illness. Many natural medical therapies that were used safely and effectively for hundreds of years, before being abandoned by conventional medicine, are coming back into use again, often with amazing results!

COSMICSOLUTIONS is only interested in promoting healthier choices for the purpose of achieving better health, we are not about to discuss or address the countless types of natural remedies or alternative therapies.

Regular physical exercise can be an effective treatment for various forms of depression and anxiety. Physical activity causes stimulation to the brain pleasure centres, which in turn release endorphins that allow for an individual to experience feelings of wellbeing. Innumerable research studies indicate that regular physical exercise may be as effective as other treatments. Generally speaking, regular physical activity plays a vital role in treatment as part of a comprehensive approach to the illness. Therefore, regular physical exercise is a most valuable addition and inclusion to adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

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Reducing our salt (sodium) intake could save up to 15,000 lives per year. In fact, low calcium levels, high blood pressure, and kidney failure in women have been linked to the added pressure we place on our kidneys when we over indulge our salt habits.

Whilst studies indicate that very few people care for unseasoned meats and vegetables, fortunately there is a much healthier alternative: Herbs and Spices
Eat Well - Exercise Regularly - Live Longer!

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