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Your curriculum vitae is usually the first point of contact that a prospective employer will have with you, so it is essential that when writing your CV, that you make sure it reflects your skills, experience and accomplishments in a very easy to read format.

You do not have to disclose your age, marital status or nationality.
In fact it may even unfairly discriminate against you if you were to include these particulars.

Career Objective
The career objective is an extremely important portion of the resume as it presents to the employer your motivation for applying for the advertised position. This statement assists the employer to determine whether your goals are in line with the organization and the position available. Your career objective should be at least two or three sentences long, five or six lines at the most, try to really impress.

Education or Academic Background
Make sure to list your most recent educational attainments first. After graduating, your education is the principal marketing tool for gaining employment, so make sure the education section of your resume is accurate but concise. After you have a few years work experience, it is more important to list your work achievements before your educational attainments. It is still necessary to document your education though, and most employers will want to see what you achieved at school, even if it was a while ago. example:
2005 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science University of Queensland, Qld 4814
2002 Graduated Springfield High School, Springfield, Qld 4814

Skills and Abilities
The position you are applying for will require a specific set of skills in order to be done effectively. So consider that filling out the skills and abilities section with non related capabilities will most certainly be detrimental.

Employment and Responsibilities
In general, your resume should not exceed two pages simply because it is essential to condense information. Keep in mind that you can impress the hiring manager with your workplace achievements when attending the interview. While there is no concrete rule for formatting, this format seems generally acceptable:
[Job Title or Position]>[Month-Year]to[Month-Year][Company Name][Company Address][Responsibilities In Brief]
Responsibilities Not Like This: On a daily basis I worked with various important clients of the company and assisting them in solving their problems.
Responsibilities Like This: Problem solving and solutions for numerous clients.


Good luck with the job application!
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