Before contacting us there are a few things you should be aware of:
We endeavour to read most of the mail that arrives in our inbox, but we cannot possibly respond to it all.

Before you begin to contact us, there are a few topics that we are not going to respond to:
If you are contacting us to recommend your new product launch or advertising opportunities, then you are most definitely wasting your time and equally so if you are asking us for money, or trying to sell us something.

We do indeed try to respond to most of the genuine messages, but this is becoming a real time consuming chore with the ever increasing level of spam. As you may have noticed, we are not selling anything, we are just providing free healthy lifestyle advice for those like minded individuals who are seriously interested in gaining better health by the way of regulating unhealthy habits and making healthy lifestyle choices.

The free healthy lifestyle advice provided on this site is only intended to place individuals in the right frame of mind to get healthy, or gain back their health without being cheated of their hard earned savings. In most circumstances, the gaining of good health is solely dependent on effort and not exorbitant priced gimmicks or diets.

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