Music Pleasures The Mind

Are you aware that music can also affect your mood or frame of mind?

We have all used music to get through tedious work tasks, and even study sessions. Maybe try music to get yourself motivated and in the right frame of mind to focus on a great body toning session. Choose a time of day with the least distractions (eg. when putting baby down to sleep) and commit this time also for your daily workout session. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz said “Music is the pleasure the human mind experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting.”

Recent research investigated the impact of different types of music on tension, mood, and mental clarity. After listening to the designer music (music designed to have specific effects on the listener), significant increases in caring, relaxation, mental clarity, and vigour were measured - Significant decreases were found in hostility, fatigue, sadness, and tension. Results suggest that designer music may be useful in the treatment of tension, mental distraction, and negative moods.

You may have noticed that many large shopping centres have employed the use of designer music for the purpose of providing a calming and tranquil experience for their customers. In fact now that it has been brought to your attention you may start noticing that many establishments employ this calming technique, the first example that comes to my mind would be the music played to us when we ride an elevator or lift.

Try The Designer Music For Yourself!

Music for Concentration (Workout or Study Session)

Music for De-Stressing (Relaxation or Mood Changing)

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Music Download - Focus and Concentration mp3
Music Download - Relaxation and Mood Change mp3