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Ancient Mongol Civilization

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The Mongols

The Mongols, led by Genghis Khan were all about wars and conquering, and fought with China all throughout their history. Genghis Khan is known as one of the best leaders ever, and with good reason, he conquered and overtook other cultures making Mongolia a powerful civilization. The Mongols were a nomadic civilization and moved from place to place constantly changing their borders. In the 13th century, Genghis conquered pretty much all of the known world, and his empire spanned from the Pacific Ocean to the Mediterranean.

Mongols highly praised and loved animals. Part of the reasoning behind this was the fact that they were nomadic so they used livestock for income. Some of the animals they praised the most were horses, sheep, oxen, camels, dogs and goats. They disliked some animals however, like the donkey because it was stupid, the pig because it was sloppy and greedy, and the cat because of its disloyalty.

The Mongolian military was absolutely incredible. At their peak in time, no other army in the world could even begin to compete with the Mongolians. The Mongolians were also quite dedicated which was helpful in their military conquests. They had a good sense of purpose and good spiritualism which some would say gave them confidence. It was originally thought they were so powerful due to overwhelming numbers but now it is known the Mongolians were powerful due to quality not quantity. They were also such a military powerhouse due to their leadership. Their leadership tactics by Genghis Khan included encirclement strategies, and flanking strategies. Although the Mongols did not seem to fear any enemy, they never faced up against what was said to be the best warriors of the west, the Celts.

The Mongols were said to have tremendous physical capabilities, especially due to their size. Many of the countries they fought with reported them having tremendous physical strength and speed. The Mongolian weapon of choice, the bow, was used by most men, and used with a 166 lb draw-weight. Most bows today are anywhere from 30-50 lb draw weights, and championship bows are in the range of 30-40 lb.

The Mongolians loved nature and were very spiritually aware. The Mongols believed the world was full of endless amounts of spiritual entities, each of which has their own jurisdiction. The Mongols believed in monotheism and reincarnation. The Mongols also practiced polygamous marriages, which mean they could be married to more than one wife. Women played small roles in Mongol society.

From the time Genghis Khan founded the state of Mongolia until its end, Mongolia struck fear in the hearts of all other civilizations due to their military might and the leadership of one of the greatest men history has known.

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