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Ancient Korean Civilization

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The Koreans

Due to the fact that the written records of Korea are so rare and hard to find, little is known about the ancient Korean Civilization. What is known about Korean history is that the nation was divided up into three kingdoms. Korea is located in Asia to the east of Japan.

The Palaeolithic Korean inhabitants left some cave paintings and things that show they hunted rhinoceros, bears, hyena and deer. They learned how to sew and paint and could make very elaborate paintings and works of art. The earliest Koreans believed in animism, which is the worship of animals, and they thought all natural objects have spirits.

Bronze was introduced to the Koreans by the Chinese. This would start the bronze age of Korean history, which is where Korea made most of its political and technological advances. Much of what is known about the Koreans is discovered through the findings of ancient bronze objects such as daggers, tools, and utensils. The people of Koreas Bronze Age were also known to have fished and hunted, but they were mostly an agriculture society.

Most of the people living in the Korean civilization would live as a farmer or peasant. The major cities were surrounded by walls. These cities would include very little farming area, so the people who lived within these city walls would be the upper class citizens and the nobility. By around the fourth century B.C. these walled in cities had been discovered by the Chinese.

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