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Ancient Egyptian Civilization

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The Egyptians

The Egyptian Civilization was one of the longest thriving empires. Egypt was a flourishing civilization beginning at around 3000 BC to when the last temple was closed in 537 AD. The Egyptians were highly advanced in their architecture and built complex structures beyond belief for this time period.

The history of Ancient Egypt includes a period of over three thousand years. The major crop of Egypt was barley. Egypt was a huge fishing and trading civilization, using boats for transportation and economy. Egyptians believed animals to be sacred creatures, especially the cat. Egypt's recognition is based on their structural achievements probably most well known for their pyramids, and mummies. They believed that there were gods for most natural things, and believed in the afterlife, which is why they mummified themselves in tombs for the afterlife. The Egyptians invented hieroglyphics, which was their form of writing. They were also one of the first civilizations to start an organized form of language.

The history of Egypt has been divided up into 9 periods, also known as Kingdoms. These periods have been sub-grouped by historians into 3 periods known as the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, and New Kingdom. During the Old Kingdom was when most of Egypt's technology and architectural achievements began. They started work on the pyramids and statues in the Old Kingdom. After the Old Kingdom, Egypt had a civil war, but was unified by Mentuhotep II, then started the Middle Kingdom, which would become Egypt's classical period. The Middle Kingdom is when the Egyptians began their arts and culture. The final kingdom, the New Kingdom was popular because of the Egyptian expansion. This is the period when Egypt made conquests to increase its size, strength and its great wealth. They then began building their largest pyramids and statues to honour their gods. Egypt was later conquered by Rome and eventually lost its status as a world power.

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