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Ancient Chinese Civilization

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The Chinese

The Chinese Civilization began somewhere around 2200 BC. In fact, most historians did not believe Chinese culture went back that far, but archaeological records have proven this to be correct. Although there are no known pieces of writing from China's first dynasty, they most certainly had a system of writing.

The Shang dynasty was one of the longest running Chinese dynasties. The Shang dynasty also gives us the most complete record of Chinese writing. The Chinese were extremely good at working with tools especially bronze. The Chinese are also known for their incredible work in the fields of mathematics and astronomy. They also practiced human sacrifice and would sacrifice hundreds of people if a King died.

The Chinese had an unusual system for passing on the throne of king. Instead of passing the throne from father to son, kingship was passed from oldest brother to youngest brother and then given to the oldest maternal nephew when there were no more brothers left. The Chinese thought their kings were decided upon by their ancestors in what was called a Mandate of Heaven.

The Shang dynasty was responsible for numerous technological advancements, some of these being an aristocratic government, great artistry and excellent work in bronze, a writing system the Chinese still use today, and armies of thousands. The Shang dynasty eventually came to an end when it was over taken by the nomadic people known as the Chou from north-western china. The Chou began a feudal system of work in China.

The Ch'in dynasty was when the western world discovered China. It was at this time when China was unified and set up a strong government thanks to the teachings of Confucius. The leaders of the Ch'in dynasty made laws, and peasants were given land to work and live on. They also developed weights and measures and made irrigation projects. This dynasty is the period where the Great Wall was built to keep the nomadic Mongols out of China. They were also credited with the invention of gunpowder and a 30 day 12 month calendar.

The Han dynasty was the last part of China's ancient history, which was from 202 BC to 220 AD. China was a powerful civilization, Confucius taught people and the government followed his teachings. During this dynasty paper was invented, and the Chinese first learned of Buddhism.

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